Do I Need a Niche?


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In kicking off my writing journey, I’ve been stressing about what my “niche” should be — of course I should be working toward discovering which genre my writing style fits into, right? I mean, I can’t possibly be writing about parenthood and my experiences in the business world and be attractive to a follower base, can I? If my potential audience doesn’t see consistency from me, they will find me to be scatter brained and un-relatable and move on, won’t they? If I were to put out a short fiction story but also experiment with poetry, I may not fit into a particular box and could as a result, fail to connect with an audience.

These are my nagging, irrational thoughts.

But the thing is, nothing about me as a person fits into any box.

I’m a youngish Black woman originally from the hood, now a wife and mother living in the suburbs. I enjoy wine and bubble baths, preferably simultaneously. I’m into musicals, I crochet, and I enjoy dramas, but I’m also a lover of old school hip hop, Harry Potter and science fiction. I had a rough upbringing (an understatement if there ever was one), a rocky early adulthood, and a pretty successful past few years, career-wise, at least. My husband is a Black police officer, and our child is a strong-willed piece of work who happens to be allergic to peanuts and has asthma. Not to mention that I have an imagination fueled by anxiety and a strange fascination with true crime (serial killers in general, really). And, unlike what I’ve witnessed on social media, I research any current events using legitimate information from credible sources before forming my own opinion. Fact is, I have enough content to write on for years, format non-withstanding.

As one can see, my interests, experiences and world views are wide sweeping, so why would my writing be any different?

Why would anyone’s need to be?

That’s why I’m going to continue to write what comes to mind: life experiences, cultural issues I’m passionate about, parenthood, so on and so forth and in whichever format I find makes the most sense. Maybe I’ll find myself writing more exclusively in one genre or format over others, but I will not close any doors or limit my options for the sake of fitting into a proverbial box.

What I have to say deserves to be heard, no matter how I choose to express it.


Do you think a niche is necessary for success in writing?




Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of candles and small dogs. Published in CRY Magazine, The Happy Human, and The Mom Experience.

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Tekia Lampkin

Tekia Lampkin

Wife. Mother. Writer. Lover of candles and small dogs. Published in CRY Magazine, The Happy Human, and The Mom Experience.

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